Limited Edition Drop

JULY 1st

Nusa Lembongan

Golden Hour

Coming Soon..

Why limited edition drops?

Reducing our waste-output is one of Maya Blue's main

goals while growing our business.


We desire to create high quality, long lasting products,

that are eco-friendly in all aspects of the product life cycle.


All of our creations are hand crafted in South Florida in limited

batches to ensure quality and reduce environmental impact.



Sold Out

Gold Shark Tooth Necklace by Maya Bleu
Islay Contoy Shark Tooth Candle by Maya Bleu
Large Volcano Candle by Maya Bleu
Green Glass Shark Tooth Candle by Maya Bleu
Lavender Driftwood Candle by Maya Bleu
Thaiti Trip Shark Tooth Candle by Maya Bleu

Text "ACCESS" to 844-997-2226 to get early access to our next drop.