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Shark Allies x Maya Bleu - Guadalupe Island

Shark Allies x Maya Bleu - Guadalupe Island

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The Original Shark Tooth Candle by Maya Bleu in collaboration with Shark Allies for the launch of the Guadalupe Island Valuation Report, a Sharks Alive campaign. The numbers make it clear, sharks and rays are by far worth more alive than dead to ocean health, human economies and cultures. In Guadalupe Island alone, a White Shark holds the total conservation valued of $123.1 million. Plumeria lime & coconut to pay homage to the yearly congregation of California’s populations from Guadalupe Island to Hawaii, also known as White Shark Cafe. 

Limited Quantities Available

• Our fragrance, A popular flower used for Hawaiian leis, plumeria is a uniquely sweet and juicy smelling flower. Infused with the essence of the sea, this summer scent has aquatic notes that give the fragrance an added depth.

• Four Fossilized Shark Teeth. Our trademarked shark teeth design, Inside the wax are four handpicked fossilized shark teeth. (no sharks were harmed in making of candle) click here to learn more

• Grow Wildflowers. When candle fully melts you may add soil to the empty jar then place seeded candle duster on top of soil. Add a small amount of soil on top of the duster, then water and keep by light. Your candle jar will then grow a variety of wildflowers. 

 • Candle Details. burn time 69+ Hours


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