The smell! What a lovely smell! -and of course when the sharks teeth start to peek through the wax. Plus it can be turned into a living, breathing, growing plant once it’s flickered it’s final flame?! How magical is that?! I Love this candle and I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Cara M

New York

The candle is such a yummy scent without being too overpowering---many big name brand candles have such a strong overpowering scent I can hardly leave them lit for too long before I get a headache. But this candle is just the perfect amount of pleasant. Of course seeing the sharks teeth begin to show is really cool and I can't wait to use the planter! Although that would mean my candle is empty..

Melissa D

Houston, USA

Such an elegant yet beachy decoration for my home. This is a great gift and my family loves it. Kids also love the shark teeth, what a nice touch. Can't wait for the candle to run out so I can plant the wildflower seed duster, how unique. Will be purchasing again, Thank you Maya Bleu!!!

Lauren P

Washington DC

10% of profits are donated to ocean conservation

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(VIDEO tutorial) Planting Seeded Candle Duster in MAYA BLEU's Original Shark Tooth Candle

When candle fully melts you may add soil to the empty jar then place seeded candle duster on top of soil. Add a small amount of soil on top of the duster, then water and keep by light. Your candle jar will then grow a variety of wildflowers.This is more than a candle.

Shark Teeth As Old As Dinosaur Bones?!

Maya Bleu's Original Shark Tooth Candle provides some of the best fossilized shark teeth you will see to date. Whe...

A New Look, MAYA BLEU's Original Shark Tooth Candle, BLEU & BLCK.

New Look MAYA BLEU's Original Shark Tooth Candles are now available in limited edition Black and Blue Jars. O...
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