Maya Bleu was founded with a mission to help save our oceans while creating luxury sustainable products.

MAYA BLEU was created in early 2020, but this company has been in the making since 2015. Our goal isn't to be another company that cuts a check for a tax break, but to be a company that's involved. Our main focus at the moment is to build momentum to get heavily involved with Shark Research & Coral Restoration. By purchasing our products not only do you get an amazing sustainable gift, but you also contribute to fund these awesome projects. Our CEO & FOUNDER Mason Silvia is beyond passionate about our ocean and planet. With a Bachelor's Degree of Science, in Alternative Renewable Energy, and having studied Marine Biology in Key West, Mason is a long time ocean expert and conservationist. 

It's our goal to eventually build a research center to explore new sustainable resources our environment has to offer and use them to create a family of eco friendly products. We also have dreams of a MAYA BLEU ocean research lab to grow corals, help fish populations through aquaculture, and promote tours for youth and adult education. Our vision doesn't stop there, we have many plans to accomplish in the next 5-10 years, and it is 100% up to our customers and supporters that will help us achieve our goals and mission. We encourage all to reach out with ideas and passions that we should explore and get involved with.