Shark Teeth As Old As Dinosaur Bones?!

Shark Teeth As Old As Dinosaur Bones?!

Maya Bleu's Original Shark Tooth Candle provides some of the best fossilized shark teeth you will see to date.

When was the last time you went looking for shark teeth on the beach? Searching all day and getting lucky if you were able to find just one tooth? We all have been there, including us! Luckily we were able to have an amazing team that finds some of the most amazing fossils, shells, and shark teeth in Florida! They are a group called Florida Shell & Fossil, they operate out of South Florida finding some of the most unique treasures Florida has to offer.

No Sharks were harmed in making any of our candles. All of our teeth are found in the ground. All the teeth we use in our Original Shark Tooth Candles have been fossilized

We take pride in creating products that will give back to our oceans and other environments.

Thank you for all the love and support!

If you want to see more amazing fossils, follow @floridashellandfossil

Fun Fact!

Most sharks have 5 rows of teeth, and can have as many as 3000 teeth at once! It's a good thing sharks never run out of teeth, as they lose up to 100 per day.

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