Ambassador Team


The only requirement to stay on the Maya Bleu Official TEAM Ambassadors:

We will ask you to post a minimum of twice a month on any preferred social media page, tagging us, and emailing us your post link or you can just DM each month to confirm the post. We will manage your account this way. You do not have to participate in Creative Bidding, Paid Bonuses. Or any other extra effort. By signing up for our Official Team you agree to those terms and conditions. If you fail to make at least one post in a month, we will reach out to you, if no action is taken you will be removed from the official team and you will lose your benefits of being on the official team. Also by joining you will give Maya Bleu all right to use and brand your content that you create with our products. We want this to be fun for everyone so if there is ever any concern or question you may have about anything please reach out to us as soon as possible, we are here to help in any situation. 

Payments will be by Mailed Check, before any payment can be sent you will receive a W9 to fill out. A 1099 miscellaneous will be implemented if you make $600 in a calendar year.

Ways to get paid:

Creative Bidding: We will be bidding PAID creative posting for content we need specifically. The way this will work is you will receive an email with the content idea template we have with due dates, social media platform we need it for and all the details. You will be able to email us back what you will charge for the content and if you are selected we will pay you to create the content we need. You will receive payment the day content is submitted. If the content is not what we are looking for we will require at least one revision before payment. You do not have to participate in our creative bidding jobs, this is just for creatives to make extra income. More details will be on the creative bidding email.

Affiliate Links: Being a part of the official team will get your commission from 10% to 15% on all tracked sales. Using this code in your social media bio, swipe ups, youtube video descriptions, etc. This code is for you to do as you wish, creating original content and promoting with your link will bring sales and make you 15% of all sales you bring in. The tracking software will track a customer from your link for 30 days. 

Paid Bonuses: We want to build a team that's a win win for everyone so we have created paid bonuses. The way you may receive a paid bonus is by going above and beyond in quality creative content, driving sales with affiliate link, performing above and beyond in creative bidding projects, proposing ideas and implementing them. Attending / working events, specific posting, and any other favors we may reach out for will contribute to payments. 

We want this to be a fun and beneficial experience for our team. We want to get to know you and listen to your opinions about our products and grow with you!

The benefits of being on our official team:

    • Free products
    • Higher affiliate commission of 15%
    • Promoted on our social media pages
    • Personal 30% off code
    • Promo Codes for followers
    • Access to private Maya Bleu events
    • Paid bonuses.
    • Paid Jobs we will bid out on the team for creatives

Like what you read? Join our Official Team! 

Click link to officially sign up for our team: