Meet our Ambassadors

— Michaela Palmer

MAYA BLEU Ambassador

"Before moving to Oahu for my job, I grew up in Northern California. I have had an ocean obsession since I was a baby. I started scuba diving when I was 13 in Monterey, CA. I ditched the tanks and cold water a couple years ago and fell in love with freediving. As Jacques Cousteau said, "The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish". The ability to feel so natural and intuitive while exploring the ocean was an amazing feeling unlike any other.


When I reached college, I wanted to find a way to support ocean conservation using technology. I discovered the power of geospatial information science (GIS) and how it could be applied to the environmental field. Outside of my job in water resources and coastal resilience, I am currently pursuing a MS at Johns Hopkins University, where I plan to focus my research on using geospatial analyses to inform shark conservation policies.


Other than work and school, I love to free dive with sharks in my spare time. I enjoy sharing my photos on social media so others can see the beauty and importance of these animals. By sharing these images, I hope to combat sharks’ negative reputation and inspire others to fight for their protection. I am also an ambassador for Sharks4Kids (@sharkeducation), a wonderful organization helping to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials and experiences."